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Would you like to leave a legacy of giving for your family as well as future generations?
An Endowment Fund allows you or your family to set up a fund to which you may make either a one time gift or multiple gifts over time. Donations may be in the form of cash or appreciated assets (typically stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or real estate)...more.
An Endowment Fund can be established that will distribute annual gifts to the ministries associated with the UPCI that you identify over the term of the endowment.
Once an Endowment fund is set up, the Foundation will handle the administration, which includes sending quarterly statements to you showing the activity in the account.
If you would like to have someone contact you regarding establishing an Endowment, please email us by clicking on the following link <a href="mailto:smdrury@upci.org">smdrury@upci.org</a> or take the first step to create an endowment by downloading an Endowment Application.
Compare this program with the Foundations Donor Advised Fund which could be considered as a family Endowment that you can remain involved with by recommending distributions of both principal and income from the fund, as long as they fit within the parameters that you establish when you set up the fund. This designation may be very general (e.g. to fund Christian ministry) or very specific (e.g. to fund my churchs youth program). You can also name others, such as your children, who are authorized as successors, to recommend distributions. This can be, in essence, a family endowment, allowing your family to participate for years to come in decisions concerning the endowment that you have set up...more.

Established Endowments