Spiritual House Cleaning Manual – Lesson 3

The Rights of Demons

I’m going to ask some questions with some ridiculously obvious answers.
“What right does a “dust bunny” have to hide under the bed, or behind the book shelf in your home?”
You’re right none. Zip! Ziltch!
“So, why are they still there?”
Right again! Because you haven’t removed them!
Only you know why they are still there. Either you’ve been too busy to remove them or too tired to remove them. The reasons are as endless as there are people.
But, the bottom line is this; there is no organization for the preservation of dust bunnies hounding you to protect and keep the invading little fluff balls in their natural habitat. Dust bunnies don’t have any rights, authority or power to be hanging around your house.
Terminate them immediately upon finding their hiding places. Sweep, dust and mop them into extinction!
Demons are a lot like those nasty little dust bunnies they do not have any rights, authority or power.
Jesus Christ defeated Satan and his angels at Calvary.
Col 2:15(KJV)
And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.
The only rights demons have are what WE yield to them.
Did you catch that? Demons only have power over areas in your life that you willingly yield to them or as in the case of the dust bunnies where you let them gather. Demons can not stay where they are told to leave. But, demons will go where ever they are invited!
Some people knowingly invite demons into their home, others do it ignorantly.
Demons are constantly looking for “clues” to how you and I think, what drives us and what motivates us.
Demons examine every area of your life. Remember they are out to destroy you. They are thieves wanting to break into your home. They are looking for a “crack” in the door of your life where they can place a pry bar and open the door wide enough to enter.
These “clues” will show up in:
❖ what we say – our everyday language, speech, and attitude
❖ what we wear – if we wear trendy, sensual, or conservative clothing
❖ where we go – if we visit bars, stores, or a local church
❖ what we buy for our home – ornaments, decorations etc.,
❖ what we read – porn, Christian books, Harlequin romances
❖ what we watch – TV, video and DVD
❖ what kind of games we play – Skip Bo, poker
❖ what sites we visit on the internet – news, weather, chat lines
❖ what kind of music we listen to – heavy metal, rock, Christian
❖ what type of books we read etc.
This is called spiritual stalking!
Demons have a real warped way of thinking. It’s because you have these “clues” or open doors in your life that makes the demon think he has the “right” to stalk you, hang around you and bother you!
If we had someone in our lives looking over our shoulder like this and following us everywhere we went, bent on our destruction; we would be calling the police and checking the locks on the doors and protecting ourselves in every way possible! But, because this is happening spiritually and we can’t see the stalker we are totally lulled into a false sense of spiritual security.
Knowing then, that you are being spiritually stalked; what are you doing to protect yourself and those you love?
Knowing then that these demons are looking for “clues” or open doors in your life; what are you doing to eliminate those clues and shut, lock and bolt those open doors?
First and foremost you’re doing what is right, right now! You’re educating yourself.
You have to know who and what you are dealing with.
We know the profile of these spiritual stalkers. We know what it is they want, and we know what drives them. That kind of knowledge gives you power.
Now that you do know; it’s time to do something about it.

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