The Maple Leaf -The Bare Branch Part 2

The Bare Branch Part 2 – Find part one here.
The European Indigenous Holocausts is dear to my heart, through it I’ve lost so much. namely the systematic destruction of my families culture, language, stories and roots.
There was a proposal for Canada to decide on dates for mourning and for celebration- here were my thoughts on the topic of remembrance.
May the red maple leaf symbolize the freedom, power, life and the blood that flows through all of us, our absolute oneness as a people,
BUT let the orange maple leaf with its two sides, represent the both the horror of the Northern Holocaust and the strength of people and of a nation to heal from it.
Let one side of the orange maple leaf represent the horrific pain, sorrow and death when one group of people attempt to make themselves the masters of others, let it represent their prejudice and abuse and a symbol that we never forget what happens when one group of people exerts its will on those who are vulnerable and in need of our support and protection to keep what is theirs; and let the other side represent the strength of a persecuted people to endure and survive, pain, death and suffering to emerge strong, free and whole.
Let the orange leaf be displayed in every school to remind teachers that they are to celebrate with their students – their heritage, their culture and their language, that each child in Canada is indeed precious and that they are entrusted with a precious gift by each parent to treat each child with compassion, respect, dignity and love.
Let the orange maple leaf be displayed in our provincial offices and halls that will remind those in positions of power and authority that every family is a unit, to be protected, nurtured and supported as one.
Let the orange maple leaf be displayed in our federal buildings as a reminder that absolute power corrupts absolutely, that no one Prime Minister, or person in authority has the right to call for the genocide, destruction, abuse or elimination of a group of people within Canada based on race, age, culture or heritage.
That all life and peoples within Canada and our Indigenous communities are to be celebrated, protected and supported.
Let it be a reminder to Never let the abuse happen again!
May we never again have within our collective native genealogical tree a “bare branch”
As Canada chooses it’s date for the mourning for this travesty – there are two dates that are being considered, June 21, which is observed in Canada as National Indigenous People’s Day, and Sept. 30, observed as Orange Shirt Day.
Personally, I think both should be made statutory holidays – June 21st a day to celebrate our National Indigenous People – a great day of the celebration of life, joy, and culture, to acknowledge our indigenous people as the keepers of the land. As the first day of summer – every Canadian can celebrate and join in with this celebration by exploring our National and Provincial parks, celebrating our collective history with great thanks and appreciation for our great land – celebrating the beauty of Canada through nature.
Then, make Sept.30th the National day of mourning for the Northern Holocaust for all victims. Those who suffered within the system and those who were denied their heritage, those where pain, abuse and death reigned supreme; where grandmothers and grandfathers were denied the laughter and joy of their grandchildren, where their arms ached for the warm hugs of those they loved and cherished, where the parents whose hopes were dashed, where trust was broken and shattered and their lives destroyed as they spiraled downward into intense pain and suffering through the loss, abuse and deaths of their children, and where the most vulnerable and weakest among us – the children suffered unimaginable pain, suffering and abuse at the hands of those in power.


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