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Finding The Lost Canadian Apostolics – Indigenous

The Lost Canadian Apostolics, Indigenous and others - we are Searching for You!

The Apostolic Church in Canada is searching for lost members, as well as their children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren, especially those Apostolic's who were saved in the great western and Canadian revivals of 1917-1918 and the 1940's or anytime since.

Many, many thousands of Indigenous and Western Canadians experienced their own personal Pentecost - being baptized in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ and being filled with the Holy Ghost evidenced by speaking in tongues during the early revival's of the 20th century.

Their stories and testimonies are wanted and needed, and we are searching for them, their children, their grandchildren or even their  great - grandchildren who knew about them and their salvation stories and experiences.

During those early days of Pentecost in Canada many Apostolic people and families were lost due to physical isolation or from other issues, issues that prevented many from being able to connect to the greater body of Christ and they ended up living out their faith at home or with a few other saints of like previous faith in their communities.

Their stories are in danger of being lost..

Currently, there is an awakening happening in Canada and the Lord has instructed those of us involved in the movement to find our Indigenous and senior brethren, and their families and unite the lost members of the Apostolic church and their family with the greater Apostolic community.

Denominations may have ostracized  them for their experience or watered down the doctrine and left them feeling isolated and alone, their  prayers for help, for their families and for Canada have come up as a memorial for these previous saints and the time to act is now.

If  you personally know of someone or their testimony or if you, or your family members  were lost from the greater Apostolic body, please ENROLL today and connect,  the Lord is coming back soon and it is time for the church to unite.

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