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The Awakening,

It was April in Canada, and a powerful speaker was teaching on a new sword of the enemy, it confirmed all I had be feeling and experiencing concerning the new and vicious satanic attacks I had been fighting.
The message woke something in me, and it kept me up, tormenting my friends and family long into the night, as we spoke of what the Lord revealed to all… the demonic giants in the land and their new sword!
I know for us in Canada, we have been seeing this “new sword” used by the enemy in a mightily way within the last three years… if I had to identify it… it would be the weapon of offence and division; used through the avenue of emotional and spiritual pain, an absolute demonic tormenting of the mind and spirit.
The open door of past and present hurts, unforgiveness towards others and self, the abusive stance of government interference and expectations, with confusing mandates that no human being could ever possibly comprehend or live up to, has resulted in many new emotional anxieties and disorders.
Disorders that reach down into the uttermost being of a person and effect not just the emotions of the soul but the emotions of the spirit, doing damage to the very core of our being and identity.
We see new complicated emotional and physical responses to unresolved emotional and spiritual pain and now have new words added to our vocabulary. Words like – “triggers” and “shame”.  The very words themselves lead to offending other if mentioned in certain groups.
Words that come with a whole new set of definitions that we need to try to understand, as well as understand how they affect those who are hurting and in such torment.
As a minister of the gospel, I have seen Satan do incredible damage to individuals, couples, families, and churches using this new sword!
I have seen worldly phycologists informing us to “distance ourselves” from people who “trigger” us…complicating the suffering and leading to non-resolution practices and unbiblical shunning; creating even more isolation and pain, leaving those who are hurting in a place of tremendous torment where Satan has them vulnerable and alone… leading to massive drug overdoses and increased suicides.
Years ago, the main societal issue was sin… we just preached against sin and held up the Word of God as our standard of righteousness, holiness, and truth.
The Word did all the spiritual work for us, all we had to do was convince the lost of the error of his ways, give the solution of biblical salvation and lead them to the cross and a baptismal tank.
Now though, we have not only a post-modern world, but we have quickly transitioned into a post Christian world (more on this in later chapters), the changes have left many of us reeling.
The current world situation is in deep contrast to the past, now… for most people, the Word of God is no longer the source of final authority, so appealing to the Word against this “new sword” of the enemy is totally ineffective.
Thankfully, we have men who understand the times and who are training us in how to deal with this “new sword”.
Dr. David K. Bernard and other Apostolic ministries teach this current age give us the same spiritual conditions as the early church and the same conditions for massive revival.
Therefore, the answer is the same as in the book of Acts…manifestations of the Spirit through healings, signs, wonders and deliverances, leading to and producing Biblical salvations through repentance, water baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and baptism (infilling) of the Holy Ghost.
I truly believe that in these last days the weapons we will need are the powerful weapons of the past: prayer, fasting, pleading the blood, our testimonies of the miraculous, and loving the Lord and allowing his spirit to flow through us with such compassion that those dear hurting, satanically abused, souls will be able to feel the love of God past the pain, and be able to respond.
We need to create such an atmosphere of non-judgementalism and unconditional love and safety that people are comfortable to reach for healing and deliverance through experiencing Christs deep compassion to even “hear” the word of God and the Gospel message.
This worked at the beginning of the church age, and it will work now at the ending of the church age. I passionately believe with all hands-on deck, and adjusting our sails, through this satanic storm, we can preach the gospel to every single Canadian and turn this present world upside down.
The ol’ ship of Zion is still sailing and there is great reason, not only to hope, but to accomplish with boundless joy…the goal the Lord has set before each one of us as end time saints and ministers of the Gospel of Christ,
The author,
Lois McQuinn

Thankfully all of us can stop this new weapon of the enemy by participating in and receiving spiritual healing, for pain, abuse, suffering and more.
The Apostolic church has put together a powerful set of teaching videos and self help videos and teacher’s guides to facilitate spiritual healing… to access these teaching please fill in the form below.
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