Qualifying Businesses


Qualifying Businesses are set at the discretion of Special Space and we have some significant but simple guidelines for approval.
  1. The Business MUST be sensitive to Apostolic Believes and Practices
  2. All Businesses MUST provide a service or product at a minimum of a 10% discount- (some exceptions apply)  preference will be given to companies offering more discount opportunities.
  3.  All Businesses MUST be traditional, pro-Christian and ethical in their business practices – no “Pyramid or Money” making schemes are permitted.
  4. All Business promotional images and videos MUST not contain – nudity, profanity, provocative pictures, images, video or sound and be sensitive to the traditional family unit as described in the Word of God.
  5. Businesses MUST be racial inclusive – no racist or any other form of anti-biblical conduct , speech, or promotion is allowed for any reason.
Businesses that promote one product or an exclusive product line, like authors, or musicians, crafters etc. are welcome to promote their products, services and ministries on this site if they meet the above guidelines.
Business may be for profit, non-profit, not for profit or Charities to qualify.
If you feel you company, organization or product line meets these  simple guidelines and you would like to purchase your  business account now – please click here.