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Rev. Don McQuinn loved Christmas, the Gospel Of Jesus Christ, and the Apostolic Doctrines of the Word of God, this Christmas we bring you all of his loves together in one package.

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This Teachers Guide includes all of the Quick Study Guide Truth Series

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The Truth about Apostolic Authority
The Truth about the Apostle’s Gospel
The Truth about RepentanceThe Truth about Jesus Name Baptism*
The Truth about the Baptism of the Holy Ghost

With additional Free bonus material by Rev. Mitchell McQuinn and Rev. Dustin Abbott

The Truth about the Oneness of God

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Forward and Beautiful Testimony about the

Water Baptism in Jesus Name Quick Study Guide

Forward by Rev. Mitchell McQuinn

When I was a boy, my dad and I would go to an empty Sunday School classroom before Sunday night services at our church. My dad would spend a good half hour in prayer, and I would use the same time to read my Bible. On the wall of this particular classroom was a map of existing UPCI churches in North America with the stated goal of planting 1000 churches by the year 2000. Of course, we were most interested in the number of churches in Canada, and one province stood out with only two churches on the map. Seeing that map week after week, a burden began to take root, and that burden grew into a call to Saskatchewan for our entire family. During this time, my dad began to dedicate himself to study and preparation. He enrolled in Indiana Bible College through correspondence, and he was developing his ministry through personal evangelism and teaching Bible studies. One of these Bible studies had a lasting influence on him, and you will reap the benefits of that study in this book.
In 1995, our family moved to Saskatchewan, and we began looking for an opportunity to plant a church. My parents began with a Bible study display at a trade show, and we began teaching Bible studies to several families. Over the next couple of decades, dozens would be baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit, but it always started with a Bible Study! Oftentimes, if there were a first-time guest in church, Dad would pull out one of these Bible studies and teach it, just for the benefit of the new person! The rest of us may have been hearing it for the umpteenth time, but that never stopped him!
Dad would eventually compile his Bible studies into the Quick Study Guides you see here. Dad was particularly interested in getting the Word of God into the hands of pastors, and he insisted that things should look professional. I have tried to maintain the look of the earlier Quick Study Guides in the lesson I have compiled on the Oneness of God.
After I started to pastor in Sudbury, Ontario, I began to use Dad’s Quick Study Guides to teach what the Bible says about the “Authority of the Apostles” and “Baptism in the name of Jesus. The studies were especially effective, and I have passed out many of them over the years.
 One story especially stands out. We had a lady who had been attending for four or five years and had not been baptized in the name of Jesus. She was content with her former trinitarian baptism and didn’t understand why she needed to be rebaptized. She began to pray and seek the Lord about it, and in the fall of 2022, she had a dream or vision. In this dream, I was handing her a Bible study with different colours on it. That Bible study is the one included here on baptism. She was rebaptized in the name of Jesus shortly afterwards!


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