Great Men, Great Thoughts, and Great Hope

If anything has come out of the last four years, it is the absolute rise and connection of people who are learning to think for themselves.
Great leaders are rising with such depth of spirituality, speaking hope with a real true vision of life, family, and a communication with the Lord that is both personal and universal.
Ususally, down through the ages we think of such people as leading great churches or revivals, but in this day and age the Lord is using all,  everyday folks from so many different walks of life.
Before the pandamic, they were all leading fairly simple, if not just distracted lives; work, family, church, entertainment… simple things.  Now though, things have really changed, men and women have been forced to open their eyes and see the “writting on the wall”, there is no longer the choice to be silent or ignorant, each person is being called upon to make radical, life altering decisions that will ultimatly affect not only their future but the future of nations, of peoples, of a way of life and the way and the how of the deaths of billions.
Never in the history (with the possible exception of the two world wars) of mankind have we faced such a future… the videos below are placed here for reflection. for contimplation and for consideration… they may ot may not be the views or doctrines held by this ministry or this webhost but they create a space for a discussion and for that reaon we include them in this site…for personal use.




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