6th Trumpet War – WW3?

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Apparently this article surprised some folks… whether this is or is not the sixth trumpet war or the war and rumours of wars Jesus spoke of, is really not the question.
The point is time is short. We need to be preaching the Gospel to every creature.
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January 25 Redacted; part 3;
Germans should heed warning of one famous socialist, Karl Marx, who said, “History repeats itself, first as a tragedy, second as a farce.”
Their first war with Russia, Germany was divided into East & West Berlin, losing 45 million people in death; Germany started it. Now what happens if Russia retaliates… a growing German threat? They’re about to find out.
Today, Wednesday January 25, Germany openly declared war on Russia; the German foreign minister Annalena B. spoke in English at a Euro Council meeting so all hear how she feels about this war, openly declaring Germany at war with Russia. She spoke for all European countries in declaration of war.
Germans freaked out with many protests against this & calling for her immediate resignation.
Russia responded to Germany saying the ball’s in your court now, if you want to keep escalating things because this will go nuclear.
She is the same person who told Germans she would put Germany first no matter what they think or how hard their lives get. She promised Ukraine to stand with them as long as they need Germany (including providing tanks and ammunition). She wants to deliver to Ukraine people, keeping sanctions against Russia all winter and doesn’t care that German citizens are suffering.
Russia: a president invites Bidn & Sholz to stop the doomsday’s clock-ticking.
Germans are outraged. Their response, “it’s one thing to support allied countries, but she is irresponsible. It’s important to avoid direct conflict & not embrace it.” (Shortened)
Another response was, “she served US politics on Germany.”
Germany sent leopard tank’s & ammunition to arrive in Ukraine any time now. Sholz wants his country’s trust.
Germans can’t afford to pay heating bills (especially since Nordstream pipeline from Russia was blown up months ago by the US.) The nuclear power is off in favour of coal power plants, and there are anti-war protests even in small towns.
Germans now pay 4-7 times more for same US product. Government wants its citizens to trust them more; but no reason to when act against what Germans want – no war.
Russia now considers Germany another target (territory & military bases. They know NATO is behind it despite NATO not admitting it. They call Germany & Ukraine “Nazi’s” and are angry that Ukraine attacked Donbas for over 8 years now (mostly Russian citizens who lived in Ukraine). Ukraine instigated this war with Russia through this.
US is sending more battle tanks and ammunition to Ukraine, who doesn’t know how to man them… would have to be manned by forces outside Ukraine. The body bags are stacking up. Ukraine leader Zelensky expects other countries to keep giving him more every day and is not happy he’s not getting what he wants (obvious by the look on his face).
In public speech on video, Biden called this WW3.
Russia has released their fully loaded frigate, the “Admiral Gorshekov” (spelling?) with fully armed arsenal of nuclear capable hypersonic missiles; sailing through Atlantic Ocean to the US & is more than halfway there, about mid-way down US coast right now.
Russia warned as soon as Ukraine receives these tanks, they will be destroyed.
In WW2, Russia helped Ukraine & liberated them; now only to have them turn against Russia. Ukraine is called two-faced.


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