Pardon Me Your Hatred is Showing… the Raw Evil of Revenge!

Have you ever asked the question what happens

when a person refuses or rejects Spiritual Healing?


As a hidden one,  a non-status indigenous Mi’kmaq, I have seen this personally, it grieves me…greatly


I have seen this over and over… after an abuse or an offence we are presented with one of two choices … two paths or two roads if you like are before us …
  • One leads to healing, forgiveness, and peace.
  • The other leads to revenge, hatred and lifelong bitterness and misery.
Lately, I’ve been having some unique life experiences… and it has led to me seeing some things that have really grieved my spirit.
The actions that that I have witnessed are difficult to condone. let alone comprehend.
The joy of fellowship is based on respect and trust – when someone breaks that trust… consequences follow…people separate from the abuse.
When a person or group of people begin to condemn and mock others that raises a real red flag within my spirit…
Mockery is a source of hatred…pure., raw hatred.
Mockery is a demonic tool of the enemy to devalue a person, to silence and to abuse a person in a very public way without committing an overt illegal act, it seeks to publically shame a person, or a family, or a group into silence.
Whether is it someone dressed in black face to mock those of color, or someone dressed in drag to vilify and mock womanhood, or those of various ethnic origins who mock others for just trying to find their way home, or putting a foot out to trip the disabled senior to laugh at their fall, or painting an offensive symbol on a Jewish synagogue…to inflict more pain and remember past sorrows…mockery is just pure, raw evil.
What amazes me is how some of it is illegal and some isn’t but that is a topic for another day.
You can imagine then, how disappointed I was to find this evil trait rampant in some Facebook group rooms I had joined…so I have made the difficult decision to walk away for now and keep my love for my neighbour and retain my dignity rather than have those in my circle mocked and ridiculed for being who they are.
I long to see real spiritual healing within Canada, but not at the expense of respect.
When folks reject spiritual healing it can… in some cases, produce such hatred and revenge that it produces this evil spirit of mockery, a spirit so evil that it wants to make others pay, to make others really hurt and it seeks to mocks a person based on the pain they have suffered through and belittle it, or it mocks them based on their lack of knowledge, or their heritage, or their beliefs’, and it is one of the most evil and abusive things that can happen to a person.
It is a form of public “gaslighting”, re-abusing the vulnerable… in fact “doubling” the original abuse that took place.
It not only denies the family trauma and experience, but it also actively attacks their heritage and their very identity.
It is an evil so raw that I don’t want it anywhere near me or mine so….
  • Don’t speak to me of “forgiveness” when your heart is black and tarnished with revenge.
  • Don’t speak to me of the “hatred of others” when you practise it in the open, mocking those whom you secretly despise and hate.
  • Don’t speak to me of “inclusivity” when your goal is only to divide and inflict your own style of abuse on the vulnerable.
  • Don’t speak to me of “love and acceptance” when creating shame, fear and silence is your real goal.
That silence is just another form of abuse.
Evil wears its best disguise when it comes in the form of “acceptance” and “inclusivity”.
Thankfully though, the Lord does give us all a place to restore a relationship and to return to fellowship through real heartfelt repentance and sincere forgiveness, that was the reason for his coming and dying on the cross… restoration.
To watch you and yours struggle with all the very real and deep pain grieves me and breaks my heart, but by choosing not to really heal…you have cut yourself off from joy!
  • I’m praying that you and yours will decide to finally lay down the sword of revenge…
  • I’m praying that you and yours will chose to walk away from the “hidden” hatred, that if not addressed will ultimately destroy you and those you love from the inside out…
  • I’m praying that you chose to be healed… really healed…biblically healed… spiritually healed… soon.
I am always here if you want to sincerely and with respect… talk
God bless.
Lois McQuinn
CEO and Director of
The Rev. D. L. McQuinn Memorial Foundation Inc.