National Evangelists Ministry Director – NAM UPCI

Ministry Director
National Evangelists Ministry Director – NAM UPCI
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The Evangelists Ministry recognizes and promotes the biblical role of evangelist as stated in Ephesians 4:11–12, “And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.”
The Evangelists Ministry operates under North American Missions. We are one of five ministries in the division.
  • Metro Missions
  • Church In A Day
  • Launch Training
  • Christian Prisoner Fellowship
  • Evangelists Ministry
This ministry operates under North American Missions and fulfills its mission in three primary arenas:
  • The Individual Evangelists
  • The Local Church
  • The UPCI Districts.
Ministry to the Evangelist
The Evangelists Ministry seeks to assist and build the ministry role of an evangelist from the moment of calling throughout an evangelist’s ministry. We hope to be available and mindful of the unique needs of individual evangelists who spend their time traveling from church to church at home and abroad.
The following are some specific areas of service to evangelists:
  • Enrolled Evangelists Program
  • Emergency Assistance Program
  • Weekly Conference Call
  • Annual Evangelists Conference
  • “Called” Conference
  • BOTT Registration and Luncheon
Future Vision:
  • Mentoring Program connecting “veteran” evangelists with new evangelists to train and assist in the Evangelists Ministry.
  • Ministry focus on an evangelist’s family beginning with the unique challenges of an evangelist’s spouse.
Ministry to the Local Church
The Evangelists Ministry seeks to serve the local church in evangelism and growth by partnering with pastors in fulfilling the Great Commission.
  • Pentecost Sunday Planning and Implementation
  • The Prodigals Project Planning and Implementation
  • The Family Shield Program Planning and Implementation
  • The “Every Soul Counts” Community Outreach Planning and Implementation
  • Home Bible Study Seminars and Training
  • Altar Working Seminars and Training
  • Witnessing and Personal Evangelism Seminars and Training
Ministry to the Pastor
The Evangelists Ministry seeks to serve the local church in evangelism and growth by partnering with church planters, pastors, metro missionaries, and global missionaries in fulfilling the Great Commission.
  • The LIFT Initiative  – Holding up the hands of the pastor in the local church
  • Arrival Orientation Meetings
  • Prayer Partnering and Fellowship
  • Vision Casting
The Evangelists Ministry survives primarily on generous support given through the P.I.E. program. This program is a monthly giving program through the UPCI.
  • P.I.E. – Partners In Evangelism Monthly Support
  • Pastoral Sponsorship of the Annual Evangelists Conference in Dallas, Texas
  • Emergency Assistance Allocation from the Ladies Ministry UPCI
I humbly ask you, on behalf of every evangelist, to consider enrolling in a monthly giving to the Evangelists Ministry.
God bless you in His Service,
Douglas Klinedinst
Evangelists Ministry Director

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